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28th October, 2022

Updated: 28th October, 2022

    Storybook is powered by Component Story Format, an open standard based on JavaScript ES6 modules. This enables stories to interoperate between development, testing, and design tools. Each story is exported as a JavaScript function enabling you to reuse it with other tools. No vendor lock-in.

    Benefits of components

    📝 Develop UIs that are more durable

    Isolate components and pages and track their use cases as stories. Verify hard-to-reach edge cases of UI. Use addons to mock everything a component needs—context, API requests, device features, etc.

    ✅ Test UIs with less effort and no flakes

    Stories are a pragmatic, reproducible way of tracking UI states. Use them to spot-test the UI during development. Storybook offers built-in workflows for automated AccessibilityInteraction, and Visual testing. Or use stories as test cases by importing them into other JavaScript testing tools.

    📚 Document UI for your team to reuse

    Storybook is the single source of truth for your UI. Stories index all your components and their various states, making it easy for your team to find and reuse existing UI patterns. Storybook also auto-generates documentation from those stories.

    📤 Share how the UI actually works

    Stories show how UIs actually work, not just a picture of how they're supposed to work. That keeps everyone aligned on what's currently in production. Publish Storybook to get sign-off from teammates. Or embed them in wikis, Markdown, and Figma to streamline collaboration.

    🚦Automate UI workflows

    Storybook is compatible with your continuous integration workflow. Add it as a CI step to automate user interface testing, review implementation with teammates, and get signoff from stakeholders.

    • Reuse stories with Jest and Testing Library to verify interactions.
    • Put them in Chromatic for visual testing.
    • Audit story accessibility with Axe.
    • Or test user flows with Playwright and Cypress. Reuse unlocks more workflows at no extra cost.


    Created on: 28th October, 2022

    Last updated: 28th October, 2022

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