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28th October, 2022

Updated: 28th October, 2022

    You will frequently encounter closures in Node.js. If you are just interested in the front-end, think back to our original example. If you want to write a function that considers user input at two separate stages of your app, you may want to consider a closure!

    function packBox(item) {
      // Code that puts item in the box
      function addressPackage(address) {
        // Code that writes the address label
        console.log(address + '. My initialised value was: ' + item + '');
      return addressPackage;
    var closureDemo = packBox('Initialising with a stored value')
    // do "other things"
    console.log('other things')
    closureDemo('Ive done "other things" and now Im calling closureDemo')
    // can also be run like:
    var closureDemo = packBox('initilisation value')('data we might have retrieved from another site ajax call');


    Created on: 28th October, 2022

    Last updated: 28th October, 2022

    Source: JavaScript Closures Explained by Mailing a Package

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