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14th October, 2022

Updated: 14th October, 2022

This site is part of my personal-knowledge-management system, I started off using ../tools/docusaurus but there were some things I just couldn't easily add and I wanted more control over the styles and the content I bring back. I toyed with 11ty but I settled on gatsby since its quite powerful. I have based this site on this theme, GitHub - binnyva/gatsby-garden: A Digital Garden Theme for Gatsby. Gatsby Garden lets you create a static HTML version of your markdown notes and have modified a lot of the code to suit my needs. Things like wiki-links need some more work as they're not as robust as I want them to be, so the theme used links with a title Page Title to create the graphs other notes but the wiklinks plugin, foam and obsidian use filenames. I would like them both to be supported but for now it works and I get nice graphs!

Using Gatsby.

Designs and examples

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Created on: 14th October, 2022

Last updated: 14th October, 2022

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