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Bear app

The penny dropped for me with Bear this morning when I was just playing around with it. I’ve seen apps that can highlight text AND make a note on that highlight. I’ve never been able to do that in Bear which stopped me from making my go to app. This morning I figured that, instead of highlighting, I wrap the text in [[Case studies master deck]] to turn it into a page of its own where I can make any associated notes about what I was thinking at the time. This takes my note taking to another level by being able to branch off in any direction I like. To stop the menu getting messy, I nest any notes under a ‘notes’ tag. So the tag structure would something #category/topic/sub-topic/notes
A neat feature in this process is that the link I’ve just created doesn’t actually turn into a page until I click on it. So if I end up not using it for any reason, it stays highlighted but doesn’t add unnecessary clutter to my menu. This is something that is quickly putting me off Roam. The list of pages gets very cluttered, very quickly.

My experience is much like yours. I have found other apps too complicated, or not very well supported in iOS. I migrated from Evernote to Bear several years ago, and it has worked well for me.
I have developed my own backlinking shortcuts. Within broad limits they work well for me. I use [[ / ]] to reference note headers and note sub headers, and I create the backlinks automatically.
I have also created a few different Table of Contents templates that have links to notes that I regularly access. Since these TOCs are at the top of my daily note-taking page, they are always easily available.
I also have developed some “reports” using shortcuts. One of these goes through all my projects, and creates a new note of the project name and all of the open tasks. The next time I run the shortcut, it throws away the old report (so I don’t get confused about which one is new!), and creates a new one.
So all in all, Bear meets my note-taking and project management needs, and provides me some fun in developing shortcuts!
I will say, I am not sure how it work on a large, 2-year project. I am working through how that might work now.