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20 min theory + intro 40 min exercises

give people something they can take away and refer back too


2 part

naive model + train diff pretrained model and run it on some new data

  • need to find a way to code online only

google slides + zoom call +

guinea pigs vs cats + dogs

@2-Next Find a naive model and train it

@2-Next find a different pre-trained model and run it on some data

what would it take to do that? 10:29 we could mix and match a few things together 10:30 you said you'd trained a model to recognise photos? 10:30 we could do something like that 10:30 and for the second half, we could apply two or three of those tensorflow examples and study the output 10:31 we could also structure a discussion around it with a few prompts: • what might you use this for?

• what problems or ethical issues might arise?

• which projects or clients might be interested in this?