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Toki Pona

Toki Pona Vocab

Lesson 1

a - ah as in the word father or bra

e - eh as in bed or head

i - ee as in deep or machine

o - oh as in pony or go

u - oo as in food or moose

Lesson 2

A noun is a word for a person, place or thing - in toki pona they are singular or plural

NOUN + li + NOUN

ijo li ijo

something is something

ni li jan

this is a person

Lesson 3

An adjective is a word that describes a noun


ijo li pona

something is good

An adjective can also be added after a noun to describe it - in toki pona the noun comes first; its the thing we're talking about.

The adjective comes second - it gives more specific information about the noun.


tomo suli

building big - large building - palace

meli lili

woman small - small woman - girl

A second noun can also fill the role of an adjective - similar to of in english


lipu soweli

document animal - animal document - book of animals

ni li soweli

this is an animal

Lesson 4

When mi or sina are used alone as the subject - no li is used after it

mi mije

I'm a man

sina sin

you're new

they can be used as ajectives to give information about a noun

tomo mi

my home

kulupu sina

my community

Lesson 5

A verb is a word that expresses an action being done to a noun.

To form a sentence with a noun follow this model:

NOUN + li + VERB + e + NOUN
/ijo li pali e ijo ijo/

something does something

In toki pona verbs do not indicate any specific time - the action can happen inthe past present or future.

mi moku e telo

I drank water, I drink water, I will drink water

You can omit the object of a verb or use ijo as a filler object

mije li sona - the man knows

mije li sona e ijo - the man knows things

You can convert any verb into a noun


  • verb: to speak
  • noun: something that you speak eg/ a language, the act of speaking ie speech


  • verb: to eat
  • noun: something that you eat: eg: food; the act of eating.

You can also use any verb as an adjective. For example,

jan sona - a person who knows, a knowledgable person

tomo moka - A room for eating is a