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This is my digital garden. Please note it is currently a WIP with me adding in notes from all sorts of dark scary places.


A lot of the notes here are unfinished and WIP - assume nothing is accurate. This is a personal note site after all!

Note on saved articles.

I have a bunch of articles saved in instapaper, notes, evernote etc which I have yet to distill down, the ones that were already in markdown have been imported here however its not very nice to just copy and paste someones article onto my own site. I have linked the source where I have had time and intend to condense down my thoughts and use quotes for these pieces where possible.

If you are the author of any of the articles and need me to speed things up a bit or just take it down please let me know!

Page ideas

  • everything I know and dont know
  • where I've been published/talks
  • github repos and projects:
  • my workflow?
  • things I own
  • things I use
  • things I couldn't live without
  • tracking
  • books I've read/am reading
  • tv shows
  • sleep stats!? tmi!? I just want to visualise the data I've kept for so long!
  • export my pinboard bookmarks
  • log of articles I've read (theres gonna be a lot!)
  • dotfiles
  • import my gists here too
  • my file system
  • still a few notes to import


This site is heavily influenced but these sites. I struggle to catgorise and visualise things so they have been very helpful in helping me out!