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11th October, 2022

Updated: 14th October, 2022

    This is my digital garden. Very little here is finished. I’m currently binge watching ncis and adding in notes from all sorts of dark scary places!

    A lot of the notes here are very very old but i keep them around just because I’m used to them. A fair few of them i probably saved without really knowing why. Some things i was proud of (at the time!) and others I just wanted to keep them somewhere!

    The tags and categories will likely make no sense but eventually it'll all work out!

    I personally prefer to use catgories to organise notes and tags span across all notes to group them together some way for example I have a #useful-snippets tag that I use for things I use often. I view tags as more disposable though I do still think they should be culled and curated every now and then.

    saved articles.

    I have a bunch of articles saved in instapaper, notes, evernote etc which I have yet to distill down, the ones that were already in markdown have been imported here however I'm not sure of the best way to store them long term. I've not had the best of luck with evernote, pinboard etc and I believe plain old html or markdown to be the best solution long term. Of all the applications I've tried I still prefer the browser for viewing things like that.

    I have linked sources where I have had time and intend to condense down my thoughts and use quotes for these pieces where possible.

    If you are the author of any of the articles and need me to take it down please let me know!

    Some of my favourite notes


    • fix the syntax highlighting
    • sort out the layout stuff on mobile
    • fix layout flex box
    • Dark mode
    • combine notes into one big note and link out to specific notes from there?
    • Remove folders as categories feature and use folders for invisible storage instead. Use categories in the frontmatter or work out a way to do some sort of nesting in gatsby
    • change log page
    • Add sidebar that does 'folder name' > 'files' that nests
    • fix wikilinks support in this theme (very modified gatsby garden one) so that references are found via slugs (and titles fetched and generated from there) and not titles - so that it works with obsidian and foam too
    • fix sidebar so it doesnt jump when you open it
    • fix the sidebar in general it doesn't know whether its coming or going
    • moved everything into separate components as much as possible
    • image styling


    I've been so inspired by all the digital gardeners I've come accross while I've been putting together this site. Read more about PKM here


    Created on: 11th October, 2022

    Last updated: 14th October, 2022

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